PatternSpace: More Than Just a 3D Repository

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 Patternspace is an interesting 3D site
Patternspace is an interesting 3D site

There are countless small services offering access to 3D models these days, but a look at PatternSpace revealed a bit more than expected.

It’s been quite easy for many ventures to set up a site where one can upload 3D models for sharing (and sometimes for sale). But there’s often little to distinguish these from each other aside from the quantity of models involved.

For such small services, it’s extremely difficult to compete against MakerBot’s Thingiverse 3D model repository, as it has quite literally millions of 3D models available for free download anytime.

But regardless, many ventures do attempt to compete against that service. One of them is PatternSpace.

While it’s obviously nowhere near the size of Thingiverse, it does offer some interesting features, according to founder Peter Mooney:

Aim to bring Content, Community, and Commerce together under one roof. As such, we are Integrated deeply into the 3D Printing ecosystem
 – Physical Fabrication: Integration with iMaterialise
 – DRM: Integration with Authentise
 – Editing: Planned integration with 3DSlash
 – Repairing: planned integration with MakePrintable

Built around a multi-tenant E-Commerce platform for seamless sales and tracking

One of the only sites to support actual groups of enthusiasts instead of just the individual
Spaces revolve around users passionate about a shared interest
Built with a focus on the social aspect of 3D printing

AWS Cloud-based platform built for rapid scalability

Some really cool aspects of the site including our custom 3D model photo booth and the ability to create private spaces with exclusive access.

These are all very interesting features that are more than you might find in a typical “dump and run” 3D model repository.

Currently, however, the site does suffer from the same problem many such services have: needing more contributors.

Hopefully after reading this post you might consider taking a longer look at PatternSpace.

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