Float Your 3D Printed #3DBenchy

By on January 9th, 2017 in Design


 A fully equipped #3DBenchy print
A fully equipped print

The ever popular #3DBenchy benchmarking object has received a slight upgrade. 

The jolly object has become extremely popular among desktop 3D printers as an easy means of quickly testing print quality. While there are more precise benchmarking objects, but none are as fun as . It provides a rough idea of machine print quality by including a number of challenging geometric features. There’s usually a pile of prints of varying quality beside every desktop 3D printer. 

The object was introduced to the community in 2015 by Swedish 3D print reseller Creative Tools and has grown in usage ever since. 

Now it seems there are additions to this famous object made by the community. The improvement solves a major problem with this object: it’s not seaworthy! The design will quickly sink if placed on the surface of water. 

 Yes, the #3DBenchy can float
Yes, the can float

This upgrade, produced by Thingiverse contributor DSB 007 of the UK, Includes plugs for portholes, hatch cover and bumpers. They’re small pieces that will fit perfectly – if your desktop 3D printer is properly calibrated, making this set another test for your equipment. 

This is one of the very few authorized extensions to the model, as Creative Tools has not released to open source. However, there are a few. 

 A #3DBenchy print with the Smoke Attachment
A print with the Smoke Attachment

One is the smoke attachment

 A #3DBenchy print resting on the Wave Stand
A print resting on the Wave Stand

Another is the Wave Stand

Now all those #3DBenchy’s you have might be slightly more useful. 

Via 3DBenchy and Thingiverse

By Kerry Stevenson

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