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 3Dfactories' ProfiTower 434 desktop 3D printer
3Dfactories’ ProfiTower 434 desktop 3D printer

I’m looking at a line of professional 3D printers from Germany-based 3Dfactories. 

The small, five-year old company produces several models of 3D printers: the EasyMaker 222, the ProfiTower 434 and the ProfiMaker 643. There’s also a 646 model we did not see. 

These machines are directed towards professional designers and engineers wishing to use specific materials and receiving high quality output for rapid prototyping. They all use filament materials, but the model 643 is capable of printing PEEK plastic at high temperatures, unlike most common desktop 3D printers. 

Possible materials include: ABS, PLA, PC, PMMA, nylon, PET-G, ASA, Carbon, TPE soft TPU soft, and soluble support materials such as HIPS and PVA.

 The large-format ProfiMaker 643 3D printer from 3Dfactories
The large-format ProfiMaker 643 3D printer from 3Dfactories

The model number roughly corresponds to the build volume of the machine, with the huge 643 having a build volume of 600 x 400 x 600mm. 

Dual extruders enable the use of multiple materials, so that you may, for example, put a soft overmoulding on top of a part.  

All the machines feature precise temperature control to ensure proper and accurate prints within their fully enclosed build chambers. 

 3Dfactories' smallest desktop 3D printer, the EasyMaker 222.
3Dfactories’ smallest desktop 3D printer, the EasyMaker 222.

I’m told the company can provide a variety of customizations on order to make the machine more compatible with the customer’s needs. Such items as networking, wireless camera, interchangeable heads, and even a filament dryer accessory are possible. 

This company is not well known outside of Germany, but it seems they’re selling in Europe and India at the moment. However, the told us their intention is to begin marketing in the USA and Canada in the future. I suspect they’ll need some reselling partners, so if you’d like to look into selling these units, best give them a shout. 

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