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By on April 5th, 2017 in Service

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 A dynamically generated part by Frustum's Generate
A dynamically generated part by Frustum’s Generate

Optimizing mechanical designs is a complex process and now there’s another option for doing so. 

Frustum’s Generate is a cloud-based solution that provides the ability to upload a 3D model and have considerable analysis performed in the cloud to produce an optimized 3D model. 

Here I took one of their demo 3D models, the “Alcoa Bracket Sample Project” and used Generate to develop a new, optimized 3D model. 

The original part is shown here, while the optimized 3D model is shown at the top. There are a number of factors you can adjust to configure the 3D model, including establishing the amount of force being applied to each face of the 3D model, as well as specifying the material being used. 

 The original demo part from Frustum's Generate
The original demo part from Frustum’s Generate

Frustum’s Generate is a cloud system for which you pay a service fee. Like many cloud services, Frustum charges on a monthly basis, but also allows per-use service. They offer a credits-based system. Each “Generate” costs an amount of credits, which are burned off as you use the system. When you need more credits, you purchase some. 

The service has a Free level, in which you are provided 100 credits per month at no charge. However, while you can use the credits, you are not allowed to download the resulting 3D models, which makes this level useful only for testing Generate. 

Their paid level involves a USD$100 per month fee for which you receive 100 credits. As a busy user would likely expend those credits (which seem to be worth about 30 “Generates”), you can purchase additional credits as required. 

The company also offers an unlimited Enterprise plan that must be negotiated with them. 

I believe this is an interesting niche product that could fit well into the budget of designers who want to avoid the full-on pricing of some other tools. If you are only using this type of function occasionally, perhaps Frustum’s Generate is for you. 

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