Fun Messages from the 3D Print World

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 Reading the bizarre messages we receive
Reading the bizarre messages we receive

As a popular publication in the 3D print world, we receive a ton of messages; some of them are rather unusual. 

Daily we receive solicitations from vendors, questions from users and those we’re able to answer, we do. But then there are strange queries that we simply cannot understand or make little sense. Here are a few from the past few months: 


From the Internet, we learn that you are in the market for sampler vials. I believe very strongly that our company, a global leader in lab supplies, can provide you with the level of service you expect and deserve. 

Our main products are 8-425, 9mm short thread vials, 11mm crimp neck vials, 11mm snap-top vials, HS vials, storage vials and corresponding septum, PP caps.

“From the Internet”, you say? Actually we don’t require any vials, although there does seem to be a great many styles to choose from. 


hi we need that you lead to us a machine for automative

Do you mean “automation”? Or is it “automotive”? Maybe it really is “automative”? And what is an “automative” 3D printer, anyway?


I find the information of the [machine name] in website. We are very interested in this machine. and want to buy one set? Can you tell me how and where to buy one?

You can buy “one set” by hitting the link in THE POST YOU JUST READ!


Thank you for your interest in our products and support to us in the past, and we expect your future support as well. We’d love to offer you good products and service always. Wish your business be more and more prosperous! 

Thank you very muchly! Tell me, what is it that you are selling?  You didn’t mention that part. 


Can you make me a quote with the item below? We are a reseller. Please include the shipping fee and the delivery time.

310-20500 – PC-ABS Filament Canister (for Fortus 900mc) 26EA – $361.50ea
511-10800 – T20 Tip Set for ULTEM, PPSF, PC (Fortus 900mc) 4EA – $265.00ea


And why do you need a quote when you seem to already have the prices? 


I am looking to purchase one of your REVOCaster machines. Could you please provide me with costing and availability details for this machine?

You might have noticed their website is expired, so I suspect availability is limited.


pls send details for 3d Glass printer

Pls just read the story; that’s all we have. 


It is glad to write to you with keen hope to open a business relationship with you. I know you are selling product about hydrographic film from your website. We are a wholesaler in hydrographic film in China. We company could provide you stably quality and the best price hydrographic film in many kinds of sizes and pattern for choice. 

How do you “know” we are selling hydrographic film? Probably from The Internet, I suppose. 


Glad to learn you’re on the market of 3D printing. PREMIUM manufacture of 3D printer filaments, 5 years experience, long-term OEM supplier of Amzaon resellers, SGS ROHS certificated, near SHENZHEN port, this is how we keep good quality and reliable cooperation for global valued customers. Our main products cover PLA, ABS, PETG, FLEXIBLE, silk-like, Marble-like and some special filaments. If you seek better filaments supply, please contact us

We are “on” the market, but we’re definitely not selling filament. Why do you think we do? 


Our company has plans of selling 3D Printer filaments in India and we are looking for an overseas partner in China for our supplies. I would like to know more about your company and type of filaments you manufacture. Please share the details at the earliest. 

Wait! Just talk to the previous guy above! You guys should meet up! 


Dear sir
Send more. Details of large 3 d printers
For plastic materials
Pls send details on the new metal printers., 

If only you could narrow down your requirements a bit. Plastic or Metal? Will either do?


Would like ask that someone complete our 5 minute supplier self-assessment so that we may being obtaining a quote for ordering, as we are ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

We are unfortunately not an ISO-certified blog, so that probably won’t work. 


I am writing on topics that I believe that would be a good fit for your website. Currently, I am working on the following articles:

Creating Your Own Wedding Invitations 

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5 Environmentally Friendly Tech Innovations 

How to Recycle Your Ink Cartridges 

Top 5 Home Printers 

Top 5 Office Printers 

10 Tips for Saving Money in the Office 

Unexpected Uses for Used Ink Cartridges 

Will Remanufactured Ink Clog Your Print Heads? 

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The Best Sustainable Tech Practices 

Convenient Ways to Store Your Office Supplies and Accessories 

How to Print Your Own Party Supplies

Wow! Those topics would really fit exceptionally well! Especially the Weird Sounds topic. Do you have one on weird emails? 


I am XXX XXX XXX from Cambodia: I have a business proposition for you; urgently get back to me for more details.

Finally, a proposal that makes sense. I think. 

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