MakerOS Provides Even Deeper Integration for 3D Printing Businesses

By on May 24th, 2017 in Service

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 An example of MakerOS's new online quoting system at a 3D print service company
An example of MakerOS’s new online quoting system at a 3D print service company

We’ve been watching MakerOS for several years now and they’ve always provided significant updates. Now there’s another one. 

MakerOS, if you’re not familiar, provides an administrative backend online service for companies who offer 3D printing services. It includes systems for generating invoices, tracking and communicating with customers, billing and much more. It’s almost an essential service for small companies wanting to get into the 3D print services market.

While larger companies may already have such systems in place, MakerOS is an easy way to get started with a powerful business system almost immediately. It’s also a way for companies having leftover 3D printing capacity to sell 3D print services on the side. 

The new feature they’re announcing is an integrated quoting system, which prospective customers can use to obtain an instant quote for a 3D printing job. 

There are now many different quoting systems for 3D print jobs available these days, but the interesting part is that MakerOS’s quoter is directly hooked into their administration system. 

This means that a client can request a quote, but it automatically gets queued into the system, just as if clerical staff were to punch it in. It’s all automated! This should save considerable time for 3D print service businesses and reduce costs at the same time. 

MakerOS provides some easy to use web code to embed the quoting system for your 3D print service business on any page. 

MakerOS’s CEO, Mike Moceri, said: 

This is the aumtomatic quoting system that I’ve been dreaming about for over 4 years. Companies using MakerOS can get the ease of customization and implementation without compromising their bottom line; it’s a game changer for the 3D printing industry

I suspect this feature in particular was the original target function Moceri sought when launching MakerOS a few years ago. And now he and team have done it. 

If you’re running a small (or large) 3D printing service business, you definitely should check out MakerOS.

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