The Journey to 3D Print Greatness Travels Through the USA

By on May 10th, 2017 in Ideas

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 3D printing in the USA
3D printing in the USA

Italian company Roboze opened an office in the USA, demonstrating a key step growing 3D printing companies must take. 

Wherever in the world I travel, there are always 3D printing companies. They may be 3D printer manufacturers, 3D print material producers, 3D print service providers or other related products, they exist worldwide, in almost every region. 

If you go to Finland, for example, you’ll find a few well-regarded 3D printer companies. Or Italy. Or Taiwan. Or Canada, Every region has entrepreneurs working on the 3D printing problem. 

But that’s the issue: they are very typically regional. I spoke with a Russian 3D printer manufacturer, asking where they sell their equipment. The response: “Russia”. 

Such companies are often limited to a specific geography, and lack the resources, connections and skills to expand. While they may be quite successful in their particular region, they often don’t grow much further. 

But there are a few success stories. 

Some companies end up dominating their region, and that dominance often funds their ability to expand into other regions. That’s a challenging step, as such a move involves different currencies, languages, practices, customs and much more. But if they can overcome those, they will be in a very good position. 

One of the huge steps a startup company can take is to open an office in the USA – if they are not from the USA, obviously. 

The United States is perhaps the single largest market for 3D printing equipment and services today, and any company wishing for success had best be able to sell in that region. 

That is a move I’ve seen done several times in the past by successful 3D printer companies, such as BigRep, MCOR and others. 

Now I see that Roboze has opened an office in Manhattan, from which they will launch sales and marketing efforts in the USA. They’re establishing a showroom where interested parties can check out the company’s powerful high-temperature professional 3D printers. 

Will they succeed? I don’t know, but I do know that they will not grow large unless they taken this step. 

And they have. 

Via Roboze

By Kerry Stevenson

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