3D Systems Provides Certification Program for Medical Clients

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 3D Systems is focusing heavily on the medical implant market
3D Systems is focusing heavily on the medical implant market

Healthcare has been a huge focus for 3D Systems recently, and they’ve boosted it with the announcement of a new certification program. 

They call it a “quality supply network” and it enables manufacturing clients to easily gain the required certifications for producing medical devices.

The problem, of course, is that to legally produce a variety of medical devices, one must obtain a series of certifications from the authorities. The process of gaining the certifications can be a complex and lengthy process. 

3D Systems means to short-circuit that process by providing the means to do in a standardized way. Their goal is straightforward, explained Kevin McAlea, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Metals and Healthcare at 3D Systems:

We want customers to be able to choose among multiple partners with the same level of medical device manufacturing expertise as 3D Systems. With our new certified partner program and our ability to insource models for large medical device companies at our certified facilities in Denver, CO, and Leuven, Belgium, we are able to offer the same quality experience to a broader set of customers.

I believe they’re trying to create a large network of certified healthcare providers that would become a kind of standard among those seeking the manufacture of medical devices. 

This could be a key part of 3D Systems’ strategy to take on the healthcare market, which seems to have been their industry target. Meanwhile, Stratasys has been targeting the aerospace industry. The two companies appear to be both moving deeper into industry, but in different domains. Probably that provides each with the advantages they seek. 

But for those industries, it’s good news, as 3D printing technology will become increasingly in use, providing a variety of benefits ranging from cost savings to new functional capabilities.  

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