P3-D’s High Performance 3D Printer Nozzles: Testers Required

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 Replacement high performance nozzle for the Airwolf 3D AXIOM desktop 3D printer
Replacement high performance nozzle for the Airwolf 3D AXIOM desktop 3D printer

We were contacted by Performance 3-D to get word out that they require a number of beta testers for their new high performance nozzle series. 

The company, founded by two engineers, began as a small engineering firm, producing effective designs for clients using composites and molding. However, it seems they caught the bug for 3D printing and have been doing so ever since. Today they not only design, but also offer the ability to produce prototypes and more. 

They also produce a number of accessories for desktop 3D printers, including exotic engineering filaments, spare parts and especially replacement nozzles. 

To be honest, many desktop 3D printers are equipped with nozzles that are actually incompatible with modern engineering plastics. Composite filaments, particularly those including hard materials, such as metals or ceramic, can gradually erode your standard brass nozzles so often seen on desktop equipment. 

As a company focused on the professional engineering desktop 3D printer market, they want to enable more printers to print advanced materials. And that means a nozzle change. 

 Replacement high performance 3D printer nozzles from P-3D
Replacement high performance 3D printer nozzles from P-3D

Currently they produce three different series of nozzles, all engineered with special alloys and coatings to increase performance and durability. These are offered in a variety of styles to fit various popular professional desktop 3D printers. 

Now they’ve come out with several new models in their Hercules line, which is described as: 

Hercules series nozzles are manufactured using heat treated A2 tool steel which has been hardened completely through. With 50% better heat transfer than stainless steel nozzles, these are the clear cut choice for printing the harshest and most abrasive filaments like carbon fiber and metallics.  Based on testing, wear resistance can be 25x to 100x more than a standard brass nozzle. 

The new models are: 

Airwolf AXIOM Nozzle: This wear-resistant, high lubricity nozzle is designed specifically to fit your JR Hot End, JRx Hot End, Airwolf or AXIOM printer.

Makergear V4 Nozzle: This wear-resistant, high lubricity nozzle is available in three sizes: 0.4mm, 0.5mm or 0.6mm and compatible with the Makergear M2.

I’m sure these are very effective nozzles, but P3-D wants to obtain feedback from more actual users of these equipment types. They are offering a limited number of high performance nozzles at no charge to whomever is interested in doing some tests. Their offer is open so long as supplies last, as these units normally cost USD$24-27 each. 

They ask that feedback on usage experience is provided back to them within 2-3 weeks of receiving the nozzles. 

I suspect this is the latest design batch from the company, who watches the market for new, popular professional desktop 3D printers. There will no doubt be more from the company in the future, and they currently state support for over 40 different devices and machine styles. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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