Thieves Strike 3D Printer Operator

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 Police investigating the incident.
Police investigating the incident.

A very unfortunate incident occurred at the residence of a desktop 3D printer operator. 

Gary Harrison of Circleville relates what happened: 

I woke up this morning to find my window open and my safe….. gone. Inside I had $2000. Everything I have made from my 12 months of 3D printing. It was to be my kids Christmas, my new home’s deposit. Whatever I had left was going to be dedicated to furthering my kids education and my wife’s surgery. My family had it all together. 2k isn’t a lot, but we had a budget meant to make it last and benefit our kids. 

Harrison opened up a GoFundMe page in an attempt to replace the lost funds. 

This scenario is one that could befall anyone operating a home-based 3D printer service, and in today’s world there are many of these. So many that community 3D printing networks such as 3D Hubs and others emerged to provide a means to link them up with 3D print buyers. 

I can sympathize with Harrison’s situation, as the amount of effort required to make that money over 12 months is not insignificant. A 3D printer can be a significant investment for some families, and it’s one that can pay for itself – or more – if managed properly. 

And if no one steals the profits. 

We don’t often publish stories on fundraisers, but this one seems appropriate. 

If you’d like to support Harrison, please visit his GoFundMe page. 

Via GoFundMe

By Kerry Stevenson

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