Book of the Week: 507 Mechanical Movements

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 507 Mechanical Movements
507 Mechanical Movements

This week’s selection is the classic 507 Mechanical Movements book by Henry T. Brown. 

Let’s get this straight right away: this is NOT a new book. Not even close. It was first published in 1868, one hundred and fifty years ago!

The book describes, as you might imagine, 507 unique mechanical movements, using classic 19th-century diagrams. Each diagram has a brief associated text snippet that explains a bit about the particular movement. 

 Typical classic diagrams from 507 Mechanical Movements
Typical classic diagrams from 507 Mechanical Movements

This book could be of interest to anyone designing mechanical mechanisms using 3D printing. Very often we see articulated devices being prototyped (or even finished) using 3D printing, and if you’re looking for some inspiration on how to get your function accomplished, leafing through this tome might be just what you’re seeking. 

But it’s old. 

It may seem quite odd to refer to a 150-year old book for developing 21st century machines, but there is a brutal truth here: motion does not change. 

Even though all those years have elapsed, it turns out the laws of physics are still well in force and thus every single mechanical motion described in this book is still very applicable and potentially useful in development projects. 

And having a book like this on your shelf is a bit steampunky, so consider it for both fun and practical uses. 

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