Atum3D’s Interesting New Partner

By on April 19th, 2018 in Corporate

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 Atum3D's headquarters
Atum3D’s headquarters

Atum3D made a very interesting move. 

The Netherlands-based company produces high-quality resin-based 3D printers and has done for some time. We first took a look at their equipment two years ago and were impressed with what we saw. 

But having a good quality resin 3D printer does not necessarily make a successful company. In fact, there are currently dozens of similar DLP-style resin 3D printers on the market at a variety of price levels. There are plenty of choices for buyers. 

This is a huge challenge for all 3D printer manufacturers, not just Atum3D. How can you attract a potential client to purchase the equipment? 

Atum3D seems to have taken a step I have not specifically seen from other 3D printer manufacturers. They’ve announced something they call “Industry Excellence Packs” with new partner AyS Frabricaçon 3D of Spain. 

Who are AyS Frabricaçon? They seem to be a company that provides manufacturing expertise to clients in a number of areas, such as packaging, processes, logistics and other disciplines necessary for successful manufacturing operations. 

The idea here is to provide a buyer within an industry with a more complete set of tools and processes so that the customer can get started and be productive and efficient far faster. 

This is very interesting, because most 3D printer manufacturers simply “sell boxes” and leave the customer to their own devices to figure out how to integrate it into their specific business process.

However, efficient use of 3D printers is not a given; there are many best practices and procedures that have evolved over years through trial and error. The problem is that a new buyer doesn’t really know what they are and will have a challenge to gain them.

That’s where the concept of Industry Excellence Packs comes in. It seems that AyS Frabricaçon has created “integral solutions” for “product design, industrial manufacturing, dental laboratories and jewellers.” These are no doubt the Atum DLP Station 5 3D printer combined with a set of tools and processes specific to those industries, and likely optimized for efficiency, quality and speed. 

For new buyers this should be a very good thing: their fears of “how can I use this machine” should melt away and this in turn could lead to additional sales for Atum3D. 

I wish more 3D printer companies would make arrangements like this to more quickly and reliably get new 3D printing users up and running. I fear that over the past several years, we’ve ended up with many 3D printers sitting idle in businesses that frantically brought them in hopes of doing amazing things, but instead realized they didn’t know what to do. That situation should never have happened. 

Via Atum3D and AyS Frabricaçon

By Kerry Stevenson

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