Roboze Doing Well Enough To Expand In Several Ways

By on April 4th, 2018 in Corporate


 Roboze's new HQ will soon be filled with many new staff
Roboze’s new HQ will soon be filled with many new staff

Interesting news from Roboze this week. 

The company is expanding significantly, moving into a spiffy new headquarters. Roboze, makers of a line of very high temperature 3D printers for industry, seem to have had significant success in the past year, sufficient to permit two types of expansions. 

Not only are they moving into a new headquarters, but they also intend on hiring no less than 40 new staff to handle their workload and increase their production. 

An expansion of this type is not uncommon with successful companies, but more typically it occurs when a company receives significant external investment. A sudden input of cash usually funds new equipment, buildings and hires. 

But this is apparently not the case with Italy-based Roboze, who, according to their spokesperson, have not received external investment and instead are financing this all on the basis of their sales successes. 

This tells us something important about Roboze: they are well managed in a financial sense. I cannot tell you how important this is for a small company, as I’ve witnessed many collapse simply because of basic financial mismanagement. 

 Roboze's old HQ
Roboze’s old HQ

But what about their new headquarters? At top, you can see the new facility, which is 16,000sf, a reasonably large facility for a small company. Their original headquarters, shown here, is quite a contrast. 

It’s not just the appearance that’s better. Roboze has very smartly relocated their building directly into the heart of an industrial zone in their home city of Bari in the south of Italy. The new location is adjacent to companies that might use their products, including SKF, Bridgestone, Bosch, Magneti Marelli, Merck, and General Electric. 

This is a very smart move, one that was also made by another successful small 3D printing company, Additive Industries in Eindhoven, where that company is also physically close to their customers and prospects. 

And there’s more – Roboze has built into their new building a smart demonstration center, just in case they have visitors from these nearby companies. They call their modern design “forward-thinking”, and I agree. 

Success in the 3D printing business comes only when you combine great technology with effective management, and from the signs shown here, Roboze might be one of those companies. 

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By Kerry Stevenson

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