The EORA 3D Scanner, Once More

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 The EORA 3D tabletop 3D scanner
The EORA 3D tabletop 3D scanner

Three years ago EORA 3D launched on Kickstarter; now you can buy directly.

EORA 3D is a desktop turntable-style 3D scanning system, but it is both smarter and simpler than some other systems. 

It’s simpler because the hardware involved merely holds up a smartphone in front of the turntable, which rotates. There are no fancy lasers, structured light patterns or targeting spots required. No, the EORA 3D uses optical techniques for 3D scanning. 

There is a free companion app that is to be installed on the smartphone, and that app captures the images and transforms them into a proper 3D model. 

 Some of the functions of the EORA 3D scanning app
Some of the functions of the EORA 3D scanning app

The app is smart in that it leverages the vast power of today’s smartphones to quickly calibrate the device and create the 3D models. Some basic 3D editing capability is provided in the app to touch up 3D models obtained, as 3D scans are almost always flawed no matter what method is used to generate them. 

EORA 3D recognizes that optical techniques do suffer from issues of contrast, and thus offers a “dark mode” for increasing contrast. 

One interesting feature is the ability to combine separate 3D scans into a full 360 degree scan. This is obviously useful for 3D printing enthusiasts, who want such full, solid models for 3D printing. 

EORA 3D apparently captures objects with accuracy under 0.1mm, which is quite good considering the low cost of this system. 

This system first launched quite a while ago, in October 2015, almost three years ago. Since that time they’ve completed development and shipped to the initial Kickstarter backer orders – although from the comments on their Kickstarter page, it appears a number have not yet received their device. EORA 3D says: 

Following our crowdfunding shipping, we have now made the Eora 3D Scanner widely accessible.

Thus you can order this 3D scanning system directly without involving Kickstarter. You can now order the attractive silver unit for USD$579 and a black version for USD$599. 


By Kerry Stevenson

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