The Most Incredible 3D Print Sale

By on July 19th, 2018 in materials

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 The biggest 3D printer filament deals I've ever seen
The biggest 3D printer filament deals I’ve ever seen

I received notice from LulzBot today of a most incredible sale. 

We receive multiple notifications of sales from all kinds of 3D print companies each day, and many are with some merit, offering a slight discount, a trade-in program, or perhaps a bundle of items. But today’s announcement from LulzBot was off the charts. 

It seems that the Colorado-based manufacturer of desktop 3D printers is clearing out their warehouses, as there are literally tons of items on sale for prices that appear to be vastly below not only market rates, but even the cost to produce them. 

For example: bioFila Silk and Linen filaments, normally costing USD$65 are now on sale for only USD$15 per spool. That’s a 77% discount!

There’s much more, as their “Sales and Clearance Items” page lists dozens of products. Here are some other notable discounts: 

NinjaFlex flexible filament, normally USD$65 is now on sale for USD$5! Five Dollars! I’ve never seen that low a price for even the most awful, poor quality filament, and here LulzBot is discounting a premium flexible filament at this price. Incredible! However, they say: “* select colors only”. 

Village Plastics PLA, ABS, and HIPS is on sale for USD$10 per spool. Even the huge 5kg ABS spools are being sold for only USD$20 each. That’s the equivalent of USD$4/kg, a price I’ve never seen for 3D printing filament, even twice that price. Village Plastics Polycarbonate, normally USD$75 per spool, is now only USD$10. 

The discounts also extend to other products from LulzBot, including several of their previous 3D printer models, but the discounts are by no means as steep: A refurb LulzBot TAZ 6, normally USD$2,500 is going for only USD$2,000. That’s a decent discount, but not the 75% or more that they’re selling filaments for today. 

Why are they doing this? It could be that they’ve signed an agreement with another filament provider and it’s possible the agreement is exclusive and requires removing other provider’s products from their store, hence a big sale. But they’re not saying. 

Regardless, if you are interested in filament discounts – and who isn’t – get over to LulzBot before these are all gone.

Via LulzBot

By Kerry Stevenson

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