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By on November 5th, 2018 in Hardware

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 [Image: 3devo]
[Image: 3devo]

3devo has introduced the Precision and Composer Series of filament makers.

The Dutch company has been working for several years now to make the creation of filament, as well as the recycling of plastics, easier — and their latest introductions are set to enhance the results possible.

A desktop filament extruder is a tricky proposition to get right, and indeed has left some questioning why they might want to make their own filament at all. The NEXT filament maker seemed to answer some of these questions, as a look inside showed its viability for a number of thermoplastics. But what if the system could do even better?

As with many innovative improvements, the next step forward for the team at 3devo required focus: what exactly were the goals and requirements to be addressed?

Of the two new series, they explain:

“The Precision series enables mass production of 3D printing filament with improved speeds and diameter accuracy. With a high-flow extruder screw, this allows filament to be produced at high speeds while also maintaining diameter precision.”


“The Composer series targets material mixing and experimentation, allowing innovators to develop custom filament from a wide variety of polymers and additives. With a mixing screw, this delivers quality material mixing and compounding.”

Each was designed for material-specific requirements, 3devo explains, and each series is offered in 350 (handling temperatures up to 350C) and 450 (handling temperatures up to 450C) units. All four new models can process PLA, ABS, PC, PS, PETG, TPU, TPE, PPS, and PA (6, 12, and 66), while the Precision 450 and Composer 450 can also work with PAEK, PSU, PTFE, and PVDF.

 [Image: 3devo]
[Image: 3devo]

The company highlights performance improvements in the new systems offered via:

  • Swappable design, with the full extruder system able to be easily removed for cleaning and repairs

  • Advanced heating system, with ceramic band heaters with four controllable heating zones for further control as well as hoppers with closeable caps to prevent contamination of materials

  • Upgraded software, enhancing thermal stability by up to 35%

  • Web app with cloud access, coming in the (near?) future, set to enable active data logging of extrusion tests

3devo is a company I always look forward to seeing at formnext, and they’ll be exhibiting again this year — check out the new filament extruders in hall 3.1, at B30F.

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By Sarah Goehrke

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