gCreate Introduces “Redesigned Workhorse” gMax 2

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 [Image: gCreate]
[Image: gCreate]

gCreate is starting 2019 off with a new 3D printer.

The company has been working on the gMax 2 for some time now — it’s been a two-year labor of love to get the machine just right. Larger than its predecessor and with more functionality, there’s good reason the gMax 2 has been highly anticipated.

“The gMax 2 is the result of 2 years of testing and improvements,” gCreate Co-Founder Gordon LaPlante said. “It is a completely redesigned workhorse machine using industry leading components that improve your printing experience at a very competitive price point.”

By the numbers, the FFF machine has:

  • 18 x 18 x 24 inch (457.2 x 457.2 x 609.6 mm) print volume — a 30% increase

  • 5-inch full-color cloud-capable gTouch print management system powered by Astroprint

  • All-metal E3D V6 hot ends printing up to 300C

  • Filament runout sensor

  • Metal linear guides for X, Y and Z

  • Nozzle-dependent 40 micron to 720 micron resolution

  • Mosaic Manufacturing Palette 2 compatibility

With a $3995 price point, gCreate says the gMax 2 is “among the lowest price per cubic inch and best value among the industrial level FDM printers” at $0.51 per cubic inch.

“One of the greatest strengths of the gMax 2, aside from high quality components, build volume, and low cost per cubic inch, is its versatility and compatibility with so many other products within additive manufacturing,” gCreate Co-Founder Anna Lee tells Fabbaloo.

“From materials capabilities, customized printer management software solutions, and compatibility with multiple slicing software options, we continue to work very closely with rapidly growing companies such as Mosaic Manufacturing and Astroprint to create products that are optimized for our end-users. Our streamlined software workflow and hardware workhorse capabilities provide so many opportunities for innovation. These assets are invaluable for anyone who plans to incorporate additive manufacturing into their production pipeline.”  

The compatibility with other solutions leverages popular capabilities such as those available with the Palette 2.

 [Image: gCreate]
[Image: gCreate]

gCreate makes its machines in-house in NYC  at the Brooklyn Navy Yard — where, Lee pointed out, they expanded last summer. Once shipping begins this quarter, the 3D printers will be sent out “fully assembled, calibrated, and pre-tested.” The gMax 2 can fold down for more protected — and less expensive — shipping, which is handy for a large-format system.

Enhancing print capabilities, an 18 x 18 inch heated bed add-on enables work with engineering-grade materials. The gMax 2 can then work with carbon fiber-reinforced nylon, PETG, ASA, TPU, polycarbonate, metal composites, and more. The company says the printer can work with “30+ materials out of the box.”

gCreate has long worked to make reliable large-format 3D printers, since their 2013 Kickstarter beginnings, and the new machine seems to be well worth the wait.

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By Sarah Goehrke

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