AMFG Opens German Operations

By on February 26th, 2019 in Corporate

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 [Image: AMFG]
[Image: AMFG]

London-based AMFG has expanded into the German market.

When last we spoke with AMFG’s Head of R&D and Partnerships, Felix Dörr, he mentioned that the company was growing with a focus in the European market. That focus and growth are evident in this week’s announcement of a new international office opening in Munich.

AMFG has also had an office in Lisbon, where the company has been growing.

“The demand is there, so we need more service and support, and technical, people,” Dörr told me a few months ago.

That demand has continued to grow. AMFG offers workflow software for additive manufacturing, targeting an end-to-end solution from project management to production planning and scheduling, post-processing management, and communications tools.

Of establishing a physical presence in Munich, Dörr notes that it was a choice that made sense for how the company has been experiencing growth — and due to the enduring importance of the German market for additive manufacturing.

“The decision to expand our presence into Germany was a logical step in our business growth strategy. Germany has long been a hub for industrial additive manufacturing,” he said. “As we continue to increase our presence within the enterprise sector, having an additional sales team in Munich will bring us closer to many of the industry’s leading manufacturers and to our existing customer base, both in Germany and on the continent.”

The company, whose name stands for “autonomous manufacturing,” sees a major future in serial production with additive manufacturing. And to reach that future, we need to see growth.

The expansion will include further product development for its software offerings. Dörr notes that this year AMFG is “heavily focused on ensuring that our software solutions remain best-in-class and enable manufacturers to scale their AM facilities.” Scaling production up, while a throughline at events in this industry, requires a lot of work from a lot of participants — and AMFG is looking to take their place in that work.

“For example, we’re working with several machine manufacturers to achieve full machine integration and connectivity,” Dörr continued. “We’re also developing more capabilities for our production management solutions, with the aim of adding more automation to the process.”

He added that more announcements are in the pipeline, as AMFG continues to grow internally as well as internationally.


By Sarah Goehrke

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