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 Not a picture, but a rendering of a highly detailed automobile 3D model by Hum3D [Source: Hum3D]
Not a picture, but a rendering of a highly detailed automobile 3D model by Hum3D [Source: Hum3D]

We ran across another interesting 3D model repository, Hum3D.

The service has been around since 2014, but its artists have been developing highly detailed 3D models of certain genres since 2005, when they began by offering an automobile 3D model for the then-new Peugot 207. Since then they have added an enormous number of automobile 3D models to their repository, numbering 15,845 models as of publication time.

In fact, they say:

“At Hum3D store, you can find any car. We monitor all motor shows and create new models faster than anyone else. Every week there are 25 new car 3D models in our store, each of them passes through the stages of research, modeling and rendering.”

Any car? Let’s see if that is true.

I attempted to search for all of the vehicles I have owned over my life, and actually was able to find almost all of them, aside from a rather old item from the 1960s, so that is understandable. In some cases they might provide a version that’s a year off your target, but the vehicle usually has an identical design. It does appear that their automobile 3D model inventory is near complete.

In addition to holding what they describe as the “biggest collection in the world” of automobile 3D models, they claim the same for weapons and electronics 3D models. After looking at their automobile inventory, I have no doubt these claims are likely true as well.

The 3D models are created in-house, with a group of more than 50 specialists who develop the actual designs.

The designs are not free to download, however, as you might find with other sites. Instead, this is a commercial operation only, and each item has a price. Most automobile 3D models carry a base price of US$75, but this is for a visual asset only, something you might use in a film’s CGI processing.

For 3D printing the 3D models usually carry a higher added fee, typically US$300. They explain:

“If you’re looking for 3D models which are ready for 3D printing, we can help you. We can sell you any 3D model from our catalogue already prepared for 3D printing. When ordering 3D printing ready model, you automatically receive an unoptimized model which is ready for rendering. That is, you are going to have two models and you can use one of them for the project presentation for your customers or for the package design of printed model. We will be also very pleased to receive a picture of your final product and we will hang it at once next to the other pictures on the wall in our studio.”

They add that it can take “2-4 days to prepare the 3D model”, which likely means the 3D models are essentially designed for visual use, but a specialist tweaks them for 3D printing if requested. That explains the higher price for a printable version.

 Very detailed 3D model product pages [Source: Hum3D]
Very detailed 3D model product pages [Source: Hum3D]

Their product pages are highly detailed and show all relevant information, including the number of polygons, for example. They’re available in dozens of downloadable formats as well, including all major 3D CAD formats. Models are shown in multiple views, and an interactive 360 degree view is also provided.

They even accept payments in bitcoin.

Hum3D is likely the source for the highest-quality automobile 3D models you can find online. Yes, there are often free versions of the same vehicles available at repositories like Thingiverse, but the quality is usually incomparable.

If you would like a very serious and highly detailed 3D automobile model, the place to go is Hum3D.

Via Hum3D

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