Roboze Continues to Strategize Sales

 Graham Lindsay, VP Sales [Image: Roboze]
Graham Lindsay, VP Sales [Image: Roboze]

New moves at Roboze show ongoing commitment to sales growth.

With a new VP of Sales and new international reseller, the Italian company is picking up steam.

Roboze, which specializes in strong, high-temperature polymer 3D printing, has forecast 500% growth for 2019. It’s a bold number for sure, but the young company has been putting its pieces on the board and now is ready to play.

Last spring, Roboze opened its new larger HQ. In the months since, the company has announced new equipment and funding, and continues to bring on resellers.

The new announcements showcase even more of the strategic focus on sales. Graham Lindsay, the new VP of Sales, brings decades of sales experience and a strong background in the 3D printing industry. His résumé includes senior sales positions at Markforged and 3D Systems.

“I think that the current market – that is constantly getting more demanding and dynamic – needs only concrete, efficient, solid answers, high strength and high performance materials, but in particular accuracy and high mechanical tolerances,” Lindsay said, adding that he was impressed by the strength of Roboze’s solutions.

Roboze’s press release said the decision to bring Lindsay on board “does confirm the aim to become key players of this sector in Europe and in the world.”

Looking outward from its home base in Italy, Roboze shortly followed up the announcement of its new sales exec with a new distribution partner.

UK-based Europac 3D offers 3D printing consultancy and services along with distribution for 3D printing and 3D scanning equipment. Europac 3D’s in-house additive manufacturing lab now also houses Roboze equipment, which will be shown off for the first time at an upcoming open house workshop to be held on April 11th.

“We’ve always supported manufacturing companies in specific sectors, like aerospace and motorsport. This kind of industries cannot settle for limited capacities in terms of technical performances of the materials that they use in their manufacturing processes”, said John Beckett, Director & Founder of Europac 3D. ”For us, being a ROBOZE partner is a strategic business and operating choice, as we believe that it is the only valid solution for the production with super polymers and composite materials, that meets the real needs of the end users”.

The timing of this specific relationship  is interesting, as the UK prepares for Brexit. The separation from the European Union will have many implications for business operations, and 3D printing is of course no exception. The country remains an important market for additive manufacturing, with significant resources in research and development devoted to the technology.

As the 3D printing industry continues to grow, annual revenue growth projections remain in the double digits for the industry as a whole over the next five to ten years. The market is there, with demand rising worldwide as more industries understand the applicability of additive manufacturing in their businesses. Now it’s up to the companies whose revenues are in play to actually realize them.

Two of the most critical pieces of the puzzle for a company to capitalize on potential market strength lie in its staffing and sales strategies. Roboze’s latest announcements show they are aware of this need — and ready to compete.

Via Roboze

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