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 A tremendous fire has consumed 18 electric bikes developed through 3D printing [Source: TVQui]
A tremendous fire has consumed 18 electric bikes developed through 3D printing [Source: TVQui]

We received a press release from CRP group describing a catastrophe for one of their partners.

Italy-based CRP Group is a manufacturer of high-performance 3D print materials, most notably their Windform products. These are specially designed powders for use in SLS 3D printers, usually specialized nylons, but also carbon fiber.

Typically their materials are used in the development of high-performance products such as professional sports equipment or racing gear.

One of their partners is the Energica Motor Company, also based in Italy. Energica produces high-performance, electrically-powered motorbikes. Currently, they produce three different models of electric bike, some of which are used in professional races.

 One of Energica’s amazing electric motorbikes [Source: Energica Motor Company]
One of Energica’s amazing electric motorbikes [Source: Energica Motor Company]

CRP Group’s role with Energica is to assist with prototyping of these incredible electric motorbikes. Iterative designs would be 3D printed using CRP’s materials for testing. The quick turnaround time of 3D printing allows for multiple iterations to be quickly produced and tested. They say this capability greatly assisted Energica in developing their products.

But now there has been a surprising setback.

TVQui reports (Google Translate):

“A large fire broke out at midnight and a quarter in the paddock of the Jerez circuit, in the Spanish region of Andalusia. The fire completely destroyed the electric motorcycles built by the Modena-based company Energica Motor Company that were due to participate in the MotoEm World Championship on May 5th.

18 in all means destroyed by the flames. The causes of the fire are still unknown but what is certain is that the fire caused considerable damage, and to confirm it was the same Modena manufacturer that after the incident reported that the pre-seasonal tests were temporarily suspended of the MotoE.

The company of the CRP group based in Soliera is listed on the Stock Exchange and has lost almost two percentage points on the Piazza Affari price list. The 18 vehicles on fire will not be able to be rebuilt in time for the start of the championship and Dorna, the company that organizes the championship, has announced that the first two stages will be canceled.“

Then there was a response from CRP group about this incident:

“Two nights ago, Energica Motor Company sustained significant damage to its racing equipment at the Jerez Circuit in Spain. The company made known the suspension of the IRTA MotoE test.

Energica was created and engineered through the experience of the CRP Group, and CRP Group confirms their continued support of Energica. ‘The Energica project stems from the entrepreneurial vision of my family back in 2009’ – stated Engineer Franco Cevolini, CRP Group’s CEO and CTO. ‘The CRP Group was fundamental for the industrial development of Energica since the very first prototypes, and we continue to be Energica’s technological partner.’

For all the reasons above, we will not pull back: the entire staff of CRP’s Group have joined together showing their unconditional support, and have already started working at full speed to overcome these trying times. Union is strength.”

This incident is not welcome news, and evidently the financial market did have a reaction. But deeper than that, whenever a 3D printing materials supplier’s clients have experienced challenges, it degrades the supplier’s ability to not only work with the client, but also to spread word of their success with that client.

In this case it seems that CRP group will continue to work with Energica in the future.

Via CRP Group, Energica Motor Company and TVQui (Italian)

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