3Diligent Expands Reach of Digital Manufacturing Network

By on April 29th, 2019 in Service

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 [Image: 3Diligent]
[Image: 3Diligent]

On-demand manufacturing is of great interest around the world, and access is widening.

Through a network of contract manufacturing partners, 3Diligent is connecting six continents to custom production capabilities. Localization is one of the most oft-touted benefits of 3D printing, as the technology allows for production to happen in a different location — even a different continent — than where a design originates. Parts can be made to order, and 3D printing is becoming a trusted component of the bigger picture of digital manufacturing.

For its part, California-based 3Diligent was founded to enable better access to manufacturing technologies, especially additive manufacturing, with all the experience of experts. Indeed, the company says:

“That was the inspiration for 3Diligent: Accelerating innovation democratizing access to cutting edge manufacturing technologies for companies large and small.”

And so it has been growing. In 2016, 3Diligent offered access to almost 300 industrial machines. Today, the company announces that that numbers is up to 1,200 machines. The company’s networked digital manufacturing offerings now encompass almost 250 contract manufacturing partners in more than 12 countries on six continents.

Not bad for a company founded just five years ago.

Among the manufacturing technologies accessible through this broad network are:

  • Extrusion

  • Powder Bed Fusion

  • Vat Photopolymerization

  • Material Jetting

  • Binder Jetting

  • Sheet Lamination

  • Directed Energy Deposition

And that’s just in 3D printing. 3Diligent also offers access to CNC machining, casting, injection molding, and more, as well as design services. All in all, the company says it offers nearly 30 manufacturing processes.

The numbers don’t just sound good; the benefits of a distributed digital manufacturing network that spans the world can make real some 3D printing buzzwords — localization and democratization — through better access.

A major aspect in the digital manufacturing workflow is that production can take place relatively close to the source of demand. That means a shorter supply chain, with reduced shipping needs, lower storage costs driven by on-demand production, shorter delivery times, a lower carbon footprint, enhanced traceability, and more.

Each of 3Diligent’s manufacturing partners has been vetted for quality. It’s one thing to work with 200+ suppliers; it’s another to be able to have the same part made to the same specs and quality on different continents. It is, after all, 3Diligent’s reputation on the line should any of these contract manufacturing partners not meet inspection parameters.

“The promise and power of digital manufacturing – especially 3D Printing – lies in its ability to quickly and easily get the same part made in different places using the same 3D design file. We are proud to have qualified and networked expert manufacturing partners around the world who are capable of making this vision of the future a reality,” said 3Diligent CEO Cullen Hilkene.

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By Sarah Goehrke

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