Dynamical 3D’s DT60 Industrial 3D Printer

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 Dynamical 3D’s DT60 industrial 3D printer
Dynamical 3D’s DT60 industrial 3D printer

We had another look at Dynamical 3D’s DT60 industrial 3D printer.

The Spanish company has been undergoing quite a significant change recently. As we reported previously, they’ve split into three separate operations to look after printers, services and materials.

So far, their experience has been good, and they continue to expand their operations rapidly. They’re now up to around 30 staff. When we asked a company rep where he was based, he replied, “On the road!”

The company split allows each segment to focus on their specific area. The printer operation can then make faster decisions about hardware, for example. Their services division can make arrangements that would have been awkward for a pure 3D printer manufacturer, such as their arrangement to resell 3D Platform products through their distribution network.

Additionally, their service unit can now perform production overflow: when a manufacturer receives too many orders — and that’s always a good thing — Dynamical 3D can accept offloaded work to get the job done on time. This includes the ability to not only 3D print on their own gear, but also they’ve recently added Carbon equipment.

DT60 Specifications

We had a longer look at their DT60 Industrial 3D printer and found some interesting features.

The device has a very large build volume of 600 x 450 x 450 mm, and its enclosed build chamber can capture the heat from the 120C print surface and 500C nozzle. This combination of thermal features allows the device to successfully 3D print many exotic engineering materials, such as PEEK.

The large build volume makes one consider the duration of larger prints. Because of this, Dynamical 3D includes by default a large 0.6mm nozzle to enable faster printing. However, they do provide alternative nozzle diameters of 0.2, 0.4, 0.8, 1.0, and 1.2mm for a full choice of print speeds and surface quality.

The extrusion system includes a dual independent system. This allows a number of print modes, including printing two of an object at a time, a welcome feature with such a large build volume. Modes available include: single extrusion, dual extrusion, “Twin” and “Reflex”, which I suspect is a mirror print capability. The dual extruders also permit use of soluble support, thus enabling easy printing of highly complex geometries.

DT60 3D Production Features

The DT60 includes all the standard features you’d expect on a professional machine, including wired ethernet network connectivity, large color touchscreen for control, remote monitoring, automated calibration and more.

There are a number of production-oriented features on the DT60:

  • End of filament detection and automatic pause

  • Filament jam detection

  • Print recovery feature

  • Servo motors instead of stepper motors

  • Liquid cooling of key components to ensure longer life

  • Ability to easily connect and operate a UPS for continuous power

  • Filament pre-heater

  • Vacuum-attached removable print plates

And my favorite feature, the dual filament load capability. In this feature you can load up the machine with more than one spool of material and it can switch between them as required.

I should say that the DT60 can accommodate spools as large as 8kg, so with two of them the machine can 3D print for a very long time without the need for human intervention.

The DT60 is available now at a price of approximately €40K (US$45K).

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