We’re Heading To TCT Show 2019 In A Few Weeks – Are You?

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 We will be at the upcoming TCT Show 2019 [Source: TCT Show] We will be at the upcoming TCT Show 2019 [Source: TCT Show]

We have something different planned.

In two weeks I’ll be traveling to Birmingham, UK to attend the annual TCT Show.

This event is notable because it was perhaps one of the very first to directly address 3D printing. It’s been in existence for some twenty years, and for a long time it was one of the few events you could attend to see 3D printing equipment. It’s survived whereas some of their prior competitors have fallen by the wayside.

Over the years I’ve repeatedly heard my contacts recommend attending this show due to its very direct focus on 3D printing and the community of people involved. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard any say bad things about this show.

But never having been there myself, I am quite curious to find out more.

I’m told it will have around 10,000 visitors this year, as well as over 300 exhibitors. That’s significant: there are quite a few 3D printing shows that hold fewer than a hundred exhibitors, and TCT Show 2019’s 300 puts it in the elite class along with formnext and RAPID + TCT.

Why so much emphasis on the number of exhibitors? To me that’s the key to any of these events, as each exhibitors brings their equipment, software and materials — as well as their ideas. The more ideas, the better. We talk to as many people and vendors as possible in order to get the broadest view of the industry. As well, you get more bang for your travel buck when there are more exhibitors.

This show also features a number of special features, including live demonstrations of 3D printing, learning zones and many networking opportunities, organized both by TCT itself and separately by vendors.

The learning components are quite important, as there are still many individuals and companies that do not yet “get it”. Many people have heard of the technology, but it’s at quite another level to understand how it can be practically applied to a given business situation. That’s what these events are great for: business leaders can begin that process of understanding by speaking with vendors.

If you are thinking of attending a 3D print event, or require additional knowledge on the topic, attending TCT Show 2019 could certain fill that need. It takes place 24-26 September in Birmingham, UK at the National Exhibition Centre. There is no cost to attend, but you’ll have to get there.

I’m quite looking forward to this event, and if you happen to be attending as well, I’d be very pleased to meet up with you. Just drop us a line at [email protected] and we can make arrangements. See you there!

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