Essentium Continues On, Expanding Global Leadership & Ramping Up Production

By on October 15th, 2019 in Corporate

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 An HSE 3D printer ships out to a customer [Image: Essentium] An HSE 3D printer ships out to a customer [Image: Essentium]

In some ways it’s business as usual for Essentium, as the company announces its latest expansions in production and leadership.

Essentium is a stand-out company. It was one we pegged as one to watch, with its intriguing HSE (High Speed Extrusion) 3D printing platform proving promising and attracting some big-name partners. Soon thereafter, troubles arose as ownership of HSE technology came into question in a major lawsuit from Jabil.

The suit is ongoing — but so it seems is business.

For its part, Essentium has been disputing claims of impropriety, with the CEO issuing a public statement as well as speaking directly to us, as did partner BASF.

So in a nice change of pace, we’re not talking (more) today about the lawsuit, as Essentium is continuing down its path to bring the HSE to market.

Additional Leadership

One of the biggest moves today is Essentium’s bringing on more leadership for international operations.

Two new appointees are set to help expand global business for the Texas-based company. In the Asia Pacific region, Benoit Valin is coming on board as the regional General Manager. He brings experience in Asia from previous work at Ultimaker. The EMEA region is welcoming a new Channel Sales Manager in Cyprien Decouty. Decouty is focusing on Europe, Middle East, and Africa, bringing experience in the region from work with AON3D and Formlabs.

The experience each brings from both 3D printing and their specific regions of focus indicate smart hiring strategies at Essentium. The new appointees speak:

“There is enormous potential for additive manufacturing to drive sustainable development and improve Asia Pacific’s competitiveness in the global value chain,” said Benoit Valin, General Manager, Essentium Asia Pacific. “I’m excited about the opportunity to work with customers and help them address the barriers to adoption of large-scale additive across Asia Pacific’s vital manufacturing sectors.”

“Additive manufacturing represents a strategic opportunity to help upgrade EMEA’s industrial base and fuel the growth of the manufacturing sector,” Cyprien Decouty, Channel Sales Manager, Essentium EMEA said. “I’m thrilled to be working with Essentium to help customers realize new opportunities and transform their manufacturing floors.”


There’s one standout reason to bring on new international leaders: because they’re needed.

Essentium, for any legal troubles, seems to be facing no troubles with demand at the moment. Interest in HSE 3D printing is high — and growing. And so too is the company. They are ramping up production of their HSE 3D printer to meet demand, and are increasing shipments of materials.

In 2019 to date, seven new materials have emerged from Essentium. That’s no small number when considering the engineering prowess that goes into materials development, especially for a system unlike others available on the market. Essentium takes an open ecosystem approach as well, not locking customers into a single supplier stream.

“When you remove the roadblocks to innovation, you enable customer success. There are no better proof points than an expanding pipeline and growing customer demand to illustrate how much the manufacturing market is responding to open ecosystems and the freedom to innovate on their own terms,” said Blake Teipel, CEO and Co-Founder, Essentium Inc.

It looks as though while the path may not always be easy, business is indeed good.

Continuing to innovate in materials and expanding in operations closer to more global customers are strong indicators that Essentium is only continuing on its aggressive path in the 3D printing market.

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By Sarah Goehrke

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