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 The Goofoo Nova 3D printer [Source: Fabbaloo] The Goofoo Nova 3D printer [Source: Fabbaloo]

I happened to run into some folks from Goofoo, who make interesting desktop 3D printers.

Goofoo is based in Xiamen, China and has been operating since 2014. Their origin story is a classic tale we’ve heard before from other inventors.

Goofoo 3D Printers Origin

Originally their company was prototyping light shades, but the process they were using was far too expensive. In an attempt make progress, they purchased a 3D printer to build the prototypes.

However, they soon realized the unnamed device was “terrible”, and that using it was extremely difficult.

To resolve the situation they decided to build their own 3D printer, as have many other companies facing similar circumstances. However, they quickly realized the 3D printer they had invented had a much brighter future and swiftly cancelled their lighting operation in order to focus on developing 3D printers.

Goofoo 3D Printers Features

 Goofoo 3D printer hot end [Source: Fabbaloo] Goofoo 3D printer hot end [Source: Fabbaloo]

Their goal is on performance and accuracy, and to do so they’ve incorporated several best practices into their equipment’s design. They use a rigid “H” frame design made from CNC milled solid aluminum, for example.

Linear guides are used to enhance the motion system and provide more accuracy. They’ve designed their own hot end, as well, which comes in two styles: all metal for higher temperature materials, or a low temperature version.

Their high-temperature hot end is able to hit 400C, and thus enables the 3D printing of fancy engineering materials such as ULTEM.

 Removable flexible print plate for Goofoo 3D printers [Source: Fabbaloo] Removable flexible print plate for Goofoo 3D printers [Source: Fabbaloo]

Here you see their flexible removable build plate, apparently the first made in China, for which Goofoo obtained a patent.

Goofoo 3D Printer Models

Today the company offers quite a range of products:

  • e-One, an inexpensive open-gantry filament-based system

  • “Tiny”, a non-heated low temperature material system with a small build volume

  • Tiny+, a larger version of the “Tiny”

  • Mini, a small volume enclosed system with removable plate

  • Mini+, a larger version of the Mini

  • T-One, an enclosed filament machine capable of 3D printing many different materials

  • Nova, a moderately sized 3D printer with color touchscreen, seen at top

  • Plus, a larger version of the Nova with build volume of 360 x 360 x 400 mm

  • Max, an industrial-sized filament 3D printer with build volume of 600 x 580 x 700 mm

  • Ray Series, an LCD-based SLA resin 3D printer that comes in three different build volumes

Goofoo says they produce between 7-8,000 machines per year at their Xiamen factory.

 Goofoo 3D printers being built in their factory [Source: Goofoo] Goofoo 3D printers being built in their factory [Source: Goofoo]

Currently the company sells product to China, Taiwan and other parts of Asia, as well as Europe. It’s not clear when they will open operations in the USA, but that’s likely one of the next steps they are considering.

Goofoo 3D Printer Price

Perhaps the most notable feature of Goofoo’s products are their prices. For example, the Mini+ sells for approximately US$350, while the much larger Nova machine is priced at only US$650. These price levels are significantly lower than one would find for comparable machines in the West.

Via Goofoo

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