Sinterit Enters US Market With Low-Cost SLS Solution

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 Sinterit’s US team [Source: Sinterit]
Sinterit’s US team [Source: Sinterit]

Sinterit announced they’ve set up a US reseller.

The Polish company has been selling their low-cost SLS system for some years, but only now has established a beachhead in the US. They’ve done so by making arrangements with a Virginia-based reseller, 3D Herndon.

Inexpensive SLS 3D Printing

Sinterit’s flagship product, the Sinterit Lisa, was a breakthrough product that allowed users to access SLS technology at a very low cost of entry. Previously SLS was available only from the major vendors who catered to the industrial market, pricing the equipment off the scale for many interested parties.

This is still the case; the major SLS vendors including EOS and 3D Systems focus closely on industry and have been introducing features to accommodate high rates of production. That’s great for production operations, but leaves the intermittent prototypers in a bind.

 3D printed nylon turbine [Source: Sinterit]
3D printed nylon turbine [Source: Sinterit]

That’s the niche that Sinterit entered a few years ago, and they’ve been quite successful. From their first machine they’ve subsequently introduced the Sinterit Lisa Pro, a more capable SLS device that is still available at a very low cost compared to industrial equipment.

Why not just sell the equipment directly through Sinterit’s website as they have been doing? I suspect they will continue doing so, but the presence of the reseller will allow more broad access to the market.

Sinterit US Reseller

 Handheld receiver 3D printed in nylon [Source: Sinterit]
Handheld receiver 3D printed in nylon [Source: Sinterit]

A local reseller can provide additional services that Sinterit cannot easily do from their Poland HQ, such as onsite training, quick service and repairs, inexpensive material shipments, etc. Some clients will no doubt greatly appreciate such services and it could make the difference when deciding which device to purchase.

Sinterit says:

“Thanks to the partnership with 3D Herndon, customers will be able to buy directly from an American company and have convenient access to expert training, service and support based in the US.”

According to 3D Herndon’s web store, they’re selling the Sinterit products for reasonable prices:

  • Sinterit Lisa: US$9,995

  • Sinterit Lisa Pro: US$15,995

Sinterit Milestone

I also see this move as a bit of milestone for Sinterit, as they continue to expand their operations with a successful product. It’s a big step to secure international resellers for any company, as they have to convince a local reseller of the value of their products. Resellers are often naturally skeptical as their main asset is a loyal client base, which they wish to protect and maintain trust.

It seems that Sinterit has now passed that barrier and is perhaps destined for bigger things in the future.

Via Sinterit

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