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 3D model of a scanned object [Source: Fabbaloo]
3D model of a scanned object [Source: Fabbaloo]

We ran across an academic survey taking place on the topic of photogrammetry, and thought some Fabbaloo readers may find it of interest.

Photogrammetry is one of several processes used to capture 3D models of real-life objects. In this process, a series of 2D still images are captured from many angles of a subject or scene. Then sophisticated software analyzes the images by tracking the movement of background structures to understand the three dimensionality of the images.

 Some 2D images used to develop to 3D scan above [Source: Fabbaloo]
Some 2D images used to develop to 3D scan above [Source: Fabbaloo]

Eventually, the photogrammetry system develops a point cloud of where in 3D space it believes each identifiable separate item exists within the scene. The point cloud can then be converted to a 3D model with software that connects the points with “faces” to create continuous textured surface.

I’ve used photogrammetry often, and it is definitely a powerful tool if used properly. An often-seen novice mistake is to use far too few images, as it seems most tools require at the very least 150 or more images to develop 3D models of any reasonable quality.

I’ve actually been doing some testing of various photogrammetry tools, as you can see in the scan at top, and someday when I have time I’ll write up a big report on my findings.

Meanwhile, there’s this survey.

It’s prepared by Ramazan Gül, a student at Anadolu University, Institute of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, said to be one of the best public universities in Turkey.

Gül explains what he’s after:

”This form was prepared for my thesis “Digital transformations in art: photogrammetry method”. In this process where the artists who do not know any boundaries in art blends the methods in different branches with their own works, the photogrammetry method; I need the thoughts of our esteemed artists for my thesis on the purpose and importance of use in creating digital media and digital 3D works. So I’d be happy to have you answer a few questions below. Therefore, the ideas you specify in this form will be used for the development of thesis content and will not be used on any other platform without your permission.”

If you have used photogrammetry hardware, software or services in the past or present, and especially if doing so for artistic purposes, by all means consider filling out this survey.

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