Sculpteo Opens Largest 3D Printing Annual Survey:

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 Sculpteo’s annual 3D printing survey is open [Source: Fabbaloo]
Sculpteo’s annual 3D printing survey is open [Source: Fabbaloo]

Sculpteo has opened up their annual survey for respondents. 

The well-known fabrication service has been performing their survey of the 3D printing industry since 2015, and it’s been fascinating to see how the industry has evolved over that time through their survey results. 

It could very well be the largest public 3D printing survey undertaken, as last year’s edition featured the thoughts of 1300 responders from 65 countries worldwide. I’m not aware of any other survey that is this broad. 

And I am also unaware of any similar large survey whose results are publicly posts for anyone to inspect, free of charge. There are multiple industry reports available, of course, but they are usually available only for fees affordable only by larger companies seeking specific information and data. 

One of the most notable findings in Scultpeo’s 2019 survey was the increasing shift in use of 3D printing from prototyping towards a larger manufacturing future. This has been enabled by the emergence of production-capable equipment, and, after exploration, persuasion and competition, an increasing number of participants are switching on in their manufacturing environments. 

What will be found in the 2020 Sculpteo survey? I have no idea, but it’s now time for you to put your thoughts forward by answering their survey. 

As a bonus enticement, Sculpteo is offering a discount to anyone answering the survey. They explain: 

“But in order to create this huge study, we need you to answer our survey. You will get a 10% discount on our online 3D printing service and also get a chance to win an Amazon gift card.”

That’s a pretty good deal, and as a member of the 3D printing community, it’s important for your opinion to be counted. Please respond!

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