3D Buzz Releases All Content

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 3D Buzz releases all content!
3D Buzz releases all content!

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of a site called “3D Buzz”, but their content could be of interest to anyone in the CAD field. 

The site operated for around 20 years, before being shut down in the last couple of years. It seems that the founder unfortunately passed, and his successors were unable to keep the site going. 

What did 3D Buzz provide? It was essentially training material by subscription for a wide variety of 3D (and 2D) environments, including tools like 3DS Max, Blender, Unity, SOLIDWORKS, ZBRUSH, Maya, various drawing courses, and a host of app development materials. 

It was perhaps the first online “academy” where one could access online training material. Because of that first-mover advantage, they gathered a very large audience. 

Many people learned 3D and other skills from the site’s content, but it hasn’t been operating for quite a while now. 

The current owners of 3D Buzz made an important decision. They say: 

”Hello everyone,

The 3D Buzz community has been amazing and inspirational for 2 decades. However, all good things…

3D Buzz, Inc has closed its doors. Subscription and recurring payments have already been suspended. This page is our final gift to such a wonderful community. Below you will find download links to all of our available material, free of charge.

Thank you for so many years of support. You are all, truly, the best community anyone could hope for. May we see each other again somewhere in the ether…

From all of us to all of you,

Remember to always look, listen, and learn.

Goodbye, good health, and good luck.”

They are giving away ALL of their material!

Here’s a video on the event:

There is a bit of a trick, though, as they don’t actually provide a download link. Instead they’ve chosen to release the material by torrent, which is a way of providing large-scale downloads without operating a server of your own to do so. 

Be warned, however, as there is an enormous amount of material here, said to be over 200GB. The good news is that you probably don’t need everything, and can pick and choose the files you need the most. 

This is a very generous offer by the folks behind 3D Buzz and we commend them for taking this step. 

Via Reddit and 3D Buzz

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