Going to 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020? Here’s What You Don’t Want to Miss

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 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 [Source: Dassault Systèmes]
3DEXPERIENCE World 2020 [Source: Dassault Systèmes]

Well, well, well. What’s this? We’ve left the previous two decades behind and with it the conference that defined the era for a generation of designers and engineers. 

SOLIDWORKS World is no longer, but that’s OK, because now we have 3DEXPERIENCE World to take us into the next decade with all the experiential experiencing we can experience.

While we may not be entirely sure what the new conference name means for the user experience as a whole, we know the agenda is set, the parties are planned and the show must go on. Here’s what you need to know and where you need to be for 3DEXPERIENCE World 2020.

Changes to Note:

Monday and Wednesday have an 8:30 ‘General Session’. Tuesday has changed to an 8:30 ‘Keynote: Innovate with 3DEXPERIENCE® WORKS’ with a simultaneous ‘Innovation Keynote: DELMIAWORKS’.

The Partner Pavilion is now 3DEXPERIENCE Playground.


The Top Ten SOLIDWORKS enhancement requests voting has changed a little this year. 1) It’s hosted on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and 2) ‘Likes’ are counted as votes. Submissions are closed but there’s still time to vote!

(Login with your SOLIDWORKS forum login or create a new 3DPassport login)

Location – Music City Center

The 3DEXPERIENCE World conference is taking place in downtown Nashville at Music City Center. It’s approximately 16 minutes from Nashville International Airport (BNA) to Music City Center.

3DEXPERIENCE World Overview & Agenda

There are four days of sessions and activities at 3DEXPERIENCE World. You can get a quick overview of times and locations here. (To date, there are 226 SOLIDWORKS-related sessions, 40 3DEXPERIENCE sessions.)

Free Certification Exams

On Sunday, from 10-2 and 3-7, you have the opportunity to take a certification exam for free (included with each full conference pass). NEW for 2020 are TWO new 3DEXPERIENCE platform certifications to get your foot in the door on 3DXP.

Party, Party, Party

There’s no lack of off-site parties, after-parties, customer appreciation events, and more. Register at these links to join in.

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