3D Print Experts Volunteer Assistance To Educators

By on March 26th, 2020 in community

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Well-known advanced 3D print expert Jason Lopes is offering educational assistance [Source: LinkedIn]

Well-known advanced 3D print expert Jason Lopes is offering educational assistance [Source: LinkedIn]

During the crisis many are anxious to “do something” to help, and 3D print experts are doing their part. 

Many companies have organized efforts to help hospitals, redirect their resources to manufacturing essential goods and other ventures. But on an individual basis it can be more challenging to figure out something effective to do. 

The scene for an individual is rather chaotic. There are now dozens of sites, lists, Slack channels, Facebook groups, forums and others purporting to “coordinate” activities, but the broad view of this work is quite confusing and not properly coordinated. 

I’m thinking a good approach is to simply do what you do best, but directed at some specific aspect of the crisis.

One person who’s doing this is Fabbaloo friend Jason Lopes, who has been practicing advanced 3D printing for many years. His presentations at trade shows and conferences in the past have enlightened many. 

Lopes, who currently works at Carbon, writes:

“To all my network… I am writing as a father… one reality in my home that has been keeping me on edge is the abrupt change in life for my children’s school year. It truly breaks my heart some of the questions I have been getting from my daughter. As a maker I have always been involved in showing kids 3D Printing hoping that just one of them gets that “Aha” moment and a new approach… last night I was asked to help someone who teaches.. but now abruptly remote… If there are any educators out there that have been disrupted and challenged via “online schooling” and would like to work with me to offer some remote presentations on 3D Printing for your students please message me as I would love to pay it forward! (I definitely have some kick ass content!) Please share and let’s help this abrupt change that the kids are going through!”

This is an excellent way for Lopes to leverage his best skills to address a need during the crisis. 

Coincidentally, one of the commenters on Lopes’ LinkedIn post was none other than Bre Pettis of MakerBot fame. Pettis now seems to have launched yet another startup, something called “SkillSchool”, which he has volunteered use of to Lopes for this work. SkillSchool seems to be an online curriculum development tool, likely leveraging Pettis’ previous experience as an educator. 

If you’re interested in this project or can assist in any way, please contact Jason via LinkedIn.

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By Kerry Stevenson

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