Manufacturing Help Needed In California

A healthcare service requires manufacturing assistance [Source: Marin Health Medical Center]

A healthcare service requires manufacturing assistance [Source: Marin Health Medical Center]

We received a request from a reader asking for manufacturing assistance during the crisis.

Jon Friedenberg is the President and COO of Marin Health Medical Center, located just north of San Francisco. 

Friedenberg writes:

“We are a hospital responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our clinicians use a PAPR to protect themselves from the virus when treating patient.

The PAPR has a disposable shield.

Due to the virus it has become impossible to get replacement shields.

We desperately need someone to manufacture replacement shields.”

For those not familiar, a PAPR is a sealed face shield that includes a blower that provides filtered air to the wearer. These are in use at the Marin Health Medical Center during the crisis, and it seems they need replacement parts as soon as possible. 

Friedenberg asks if we can do the manufacturing, but obviously we cannot, as we are merely a news site. However, many of our readers are in fact manufacturers and many are located in that area. 

I don’t believe this is a 3D printing opportunity, but many of our readers operate different kinds of manufacturing equipment that may be applicable. If you happen to be a manufacturer that can produce these in that area, please contact Friedenberg at the Marin Health Medical Center. 

Via Marin Health

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