3YOURMIND’s Simplified And Effective COVID-19 Response

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3YOURMIND offers a highly useful COVID-19 part ordering platform [Source: 3YOURMIND]

3YOURMIND offers a highly useful COVID-19 part ordering platform [Source: 3YOURMIND]

Many companies are doing what they can to contribute to resolving the current global crisis, and 3YOURMIND is doing something a little different. 

Honestly, the scene is a bit confusing right now, as there are multiple initiatives sprouting up hoping to coordinate activities to develop emergency products. In the jungle of those informal groups it is nearly impossible to determine if the proposed designs are certifiable or even practical. And especially if they are actually required by local medical authorities. 

Smartly, 3YOURMIND has taken a focused path, as have a few other 3D print companies. I say that companies should do what they do best to contribute. In the case of Berlin-based 3YOURMIND, they offer a sophisticated part inventory service that can route designs to certified print services. 

Some of their services are extremely interesting, such as one that can automatically determine if a given part design is 3D printable. However, that’s not what 3YOURMIND is leveraging in their COVID-19 response. Instead they are using their inventory system in a unique way. 

3YOURMIND COVID-19 Ordering Platform

COVID-19 parts ordering platform process [Source: 3YOURMIND]

COVID-19 parts ordering platform process [Source: 3YOURMIND]

They have put together a simple process for obtaining potentially certified 3D printable COVID-19 parts. Above is an image of their process, which involves both submission and usage of certified 3D models. 

A special page and login has been established for this purpose. Those wishing to share 3D printable COVID-19 models can submit them to this new portal. 

Here’s the interesting part: anything submitted is not only logged, but 3YOURMIND has Tüv Süd perform an evaluation of the submission before it is posted on the site. Tüv Süd is an agency providing safety, security and sustainability solutions, and is able to perform evaluations with their enormous team of specialists.  

This is quite unlike many other design initiatives, where evaluations and certifications are rare. 3YOURMIND links the two together through their platform. 

With their ordering platform filling up with designs, it is also possible for hospitals and other medical institutions to literally choose and order prints of any of these designs. 


Each entry has a number of attributes that when read together can provide sufficient information for a buyer to make a decision on whether this part is appropriate for the application. Fields tracked include: 

  • Source

  • Hospital Validation

  • Part Description

  • Production Equipment Requirements

  • 3D Print Specifications

  • Assembly Requirements

  • Care Instructions

  • End User Instructions

  • Link to Published Description

Currently there are twelve models in 3YOURMIND’s order inventory. While there are likely hundreds of 3D models on the loose right now, more is probably not a good idea for frantic medical staff looking to order a critical part. The 3YOURMIND system has the right amount of options for someone to look through quickly. 

I like this approach because it simplifies the process for medical authorities greatly. They simply register for an account, choose what they need, and order as many as they require. There’s less need for deep investigations, as all the information is presented fairly for evaluation. 

3YOURMIND has done stellar work here to quickly develop a highly usable system. 

Using 3YOURMIND’s Ordering Platform 

I ask two things of readers:

First, if you have or know of useful 3D models for critical COVID-19 parts, submit them to 3YOURMIND for evaluation. 

Secondly, if you are in contact with health authorities who are seeking parts, suggest they look at 3YOURMIND’s new COVID-19 ordering platform. 


By Kerry Stevenson

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