JustSketchMe is a Web App to Create and Download Poseable 3D Characters

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JustSketchMe’s web interface for posable 3D models [Source: Fabbaloo]

If you’ve done any character sketching or modeling, you’ve likely used one of those poseable wooden figurines to frustrate you enough to eke out something that looks mostly human.

It’s just a reference but, as you know, bodies are different sizes and shapes. So, what if you had a web app to pose up all the possibilities?

JustSketchMe is a web-based app to create and pose 3D character models. But they go one step further and allow you to download the 3D model. From there, you can use it as a reference inside your 3D modeling software or 3D print the model for your own little army of flexible figures.

JustSketchMe 3D models [Source: SolidSmack]

There are currently nine free character options including Male, Female, Male Teen, Female Teen, Male Tween, Female Tween, Child, and Baby.

Options include a dark mode, ambient and spot light adjustment, with toggles for hard shadows, outlines, and floor grid.

Editing JustSketchMe 3D models [Source: SolidSmack]

With a Premium $9/month subscription you get nine other premium character options including Realistic Male and Female, Muscular Male and Female, Anime Male and Female, Chibi, Dog, and a Cat.

Along with that subscription, you also get a pose library with 50+ different poses that can be applied to each, a hand pose library with 10 different hand poses and the ability to save your scenes.

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