Printlab Introduces Student Portal For 3D Print Learning

By on June 3rd, 2020 in learning

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3D printed models for education [Source: Printlab]

Printlab has introduced a new “student portal” that allows students to work online when learning about 3D printing.

The UK-based company had previously released a “teacher portal” with which an educator could organize sessions for students in a sequenced set of learning topics. This product includes “over 40 downloadable 3D printing lesson plans” in various relevant themes.

The product is targeted primarily at schools, but is also useful for libraries or even makerspaces, all of which can potentially provide training on 3D printing to the public.

While the teacher platform was successful, it seems there is now a need for a “student portal”, as the crisis (I mean, the COVID-19 crisis, there are too many crises now…) has forced students out of schools and into online environments.

Printlab’s teacher platform was focused on the teacher as the user, but this left a gap where students are now online and not always in the presence of the teacher. Thus, the student platform was created.

The Co-Founder of Printlab, Jason Yeung, said:

“As technology advances and young people opt to consume content online, we have chosen to embrace this. Not only have we moved our 3D design tutorials online, but we’ve created new animation explainer videos for each project that provide students with context and inspiration across a whole range of 3D printing applications. We’re excited to develop even more features that truly support the growing influence of e-learning in education worldwide.”

Printlab says the new student portal can support two sizes of class: 30 or 200 individuals. This is a good break point as classes tend to be either under 30 or much larger.

Adapting To COVID-19

This new product by Printlab is another example of how 3D print companies are adapting to the changed situation, which may persist for some time yet. Here Printlab recognized a new challenge for educators and was able to devise a solution that could work far better in the new environment.

There’s some advantages to Printlab here, as every provider of 3D print training has to adapt in similar ways. For those who come out with new solutions early, they may be able to scoop up more clients more quickly than their competitors.

It may be that Printlab is one of them.

Via Printlab

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