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$4995 For a Desktop Fab?

DesktopFactory is now taking reservations for its new 125ci 3D Printer. That's right - it's not actually available now, but you can reserve one of the first 1000 devices for only USD$495. This device could be the first real desktop consumer-oriented fab. The highlights include:


  • Inexpensive. Well, as compared to other fabs. We don't have $4995 jumping out of our wallet today, does any consumer?
  • Inexpensive materials, apparently estimated at "about $1 per cubic inch"
  • Small size, suitable for installation on your desk
  • Sufficiently clean for use in public areas without need for building modification

If the 125ci works, it perhaps will be remembered as the first real consumer desktop fab. We hope so, anyway.


Via Desktop Factory

Health and Safety of Fabs

ThingLab Video Demonstration