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QuickQuote by QuickARCProvides Quick Quotes

Unlike many 3D Printing services, QuickARC has a new online facility for generating quotes for printing complex 3D objects. Typically, this particular service would be used by Architects or Builders for developing building models (as is shown in their website's header). QuickARC has the ability to accept 3D models in two modes:


  • Architect's Zone - "Submit your 3D CAD files (in STL format) and get a Quote for your project". In this mode you specify 3D Printing information, including which process to use (Solid Laser, Powder, Plastic Extrusion, Durable Powder or Multi-Jet Polymer), material color, dimensions, etc. We'd use this method if we had a CAD file ready to go.
  • Builder's Zone - "Enter your property specs and get a Quote for Interactive 3D Models of your project". In this mode you must specify physical characteristics of your project, including number of floors, type of material on the sides, appliances and fixtures, etc. This method would best be used by those without CAD files who simply want basic non-custom building models.

Via QuickARC


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