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Top 5 Posts of 2007


While Fabbaloo just started publishing in 2007, we still believe it's appropriate to list our most popular posts of 2007.

5. Real Objects from Virtual Designs. We described Fabjectory's niche service for creating 3D objects from your Second Life avatar or Nintendo Mii.

4. DesktopFactory Wins Award. We reported on DesktopFactory's win at the Popular Science Best of 2007 awards.

3. World of Warcraft Figure Printing. We pointed out Figureprints, a niche 3D printing service - for WoW characters.

2. $4995 for Desktop Fab. The post that started it all, describing the breakthrough technology that should change how 3D printing is viewed in 2008.

1. 3D Printing on Paper. Thanks to a link from, a German language gaming site, this post describing how paper can be used as a 3D printing medium was the most popular not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also the rest of the world too.

Our thanks go to all Fabbaloo readers for our success in 2007, and we wish everyone the best in 2008!

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