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A Jeweler's First Time

MadeByDan reports on his first experience using 3D print technology. Ironically, it was not jewelry that came out of the printer, but instead o a simple platter. We expect that he'll soon be printing jewelry models too.

He used Shapeways, a popular 3D print service. Here's the part we found most interesting:

I thought it would be relatively easy to upload a file and have it made but apparently creating an STL file is a bit more complicated than I first thought. The guys at Shapeways were quite helpful though and massaged my file so that it was printable (it was as easy as opening it in Blender and then saving again).

This confirms our belief that although the 3D print services are trying very hard to be as easy to use as possible, it is still not without bumps, even for a technically-oriented person such as MadeByDan. Don't believe us?  Take a look again at how easy it is for virtually anyone to produce 2D prints. That simple ease of use is the goal that at the moment eludes us.

Via MadeByDan

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