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CoReFabulous Chair!

Designer Amar Eloueini's CoReFab chair is constructed using digital design and produced using 3D Print technology. At first glance the chair is certainly interesting, but it gets more intriguing when you learn how it was designed:

CoReFab#71 is one chair within a series of infinite possibilities. This chair is the result of a computer designed form which is layered with varying patterns, animated and then slowed down moment by moment or frame by frame, such as a frame in a movie or a photographic still. This frame or moment of computer-animated form is then manufactured through 3D print technology.

Wait a moment, what does that mean? Take a look at this animation, and you'll see the design of the chair change over time. The printed chairs are all different moments of that animated sequence. No two appear the same! We think this is a rather unusual case of custom design, in which different models are generated dynamically. 

Via AEDS and FrontOfficeTokyo

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