Two Services, Your Choice

One of the most popular posts here at Fabbaloo is the identification of new service bureaus. Readers can quickly access the list of such posts by hitting our “Service” tag.
But there’s more to it than that. One of the patterns we are beginning to observe is that there are two emerging forms of services. One is focused on consumers, while another is focused on professionals.

The typical “traditional” (if we can call it that) service bureau will offer a high-quality printer and accept arbitrary 3D models that are usually prepared by the user with their own complex 3D modeling software. Pricing is typically done by manual inspection of the object’s model.
These traditional services look very scary to consumers, who usually have no idea about 3D models. They just want to print something, and quickly. Pricing methodologies alone will frighten off most casual visitors.

In contrast the consumer-oriented services are organized much differently. Typically they focus on a very narrow niche, such as printing picture frames or MMOG avatars. This makes the use of the service much less complex and therefore highly suitable for consumers. Web interfaces are usually very clean and easy to use.

Professional or Consumer, your choice.

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