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Hilarious Future of 3D Printing

No, the future isn't hilarious - that's the name of the blog we're talking about today! Hilarious posts an introductory, but well written piece on their view of the future of 3D printing and desktop manufacturing. In the post they, like we, see today's current cost and effort to achieve home-based manufacturing as difficult barriers. We also agree with them that this is merely a transitory stage similar to the 1970's of computing:

Despite all the technical implications, there are huge possibilities for the future of 3D printing. All ground breaking technology starts somewhere, for example in the case of the PC, mainframes had existed for years, but personal computing only took off in the late seventies. A cheap self-assembly computer called the Altair 8800, launched in 1975, sparked the rapid development of personal computing. In similar circumstances self assembly 3D printers hope to spark the same rapid development in rapid prototyping.

Via hilarious

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