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SketchBot Comes to Life

SketchBot is a character designed by Brooklyn, NY designer Steve Talkowski. Hsi blog, appropriately named, "SketchBot" covers the gradual evolution of SketchBot through various designs and adventures over more than a year. Steve has created this character using an iterative process over a long period. Once his hand-drawn concept was completed, he built a prototype using conventional methods, but now he's taken the leap into 3D printing. In the picture above you can see his 3D printed version on the left, and the original conventional prototype on the right. If you read his numerous posts one can begin to appreciate the benefits of being able to rapidly print objects.

Steve doesn't have a 3D printer of his own, so he used a service as many do these days. The service he chose was Crystalline Models, who use the very fine-grained resolution Objet Eden 260V. Steve intends on making molds from the 3D prints so that many more robust models can be made.

Via SketchBot

Punched Lamps

Step By Step