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The Karbon Kids

We were tipped towards a new service: The Karbon Kids. This service takes an approach similar to others, where the complexities of 3D modelling and printing are hidden from the consumer. In this case, a really friendly website helps you design a character from a list of standard components. Friendly example: when you finish editing, a smiling happy face says, "Please save your kid!"

If you are incapable of designing your own character, there's an extensive gallery of possibilities to choose or steal ideas from.

Once your design is fabulous, save and print the item and it's shipped within seven days. The costs? That depends. For a painted model, it's USD$50, while the dull, grey non-painted version is only USD$25 and you can paint it yourself.

And no, we don't look like that. Much.

Via The Karbon Kids (Hat tip to Shawn)

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