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Celebrity Faces

Vanity 3D head-print service That's My Face now offers a new service in case you don't like your own head: Celebrity Faces. That's right, for the low price of USD$99 and up, you can own your own 3D print of say, Hugo Chavez (above). If you don't like Hugo, you can order a Barack Obama for the same price of USD$99. There are a few other celebs listed, but at the moment they all seem to be stars stars of various Mevio shows. However:

Are you a celebrity?
Would you like to sell your own action figure? Do you have adoring fans?! If so, we will make an action figure for you for free - check here to find out more.

We're wondering if any celebrity Fabbaloo readers might want to participate? Josh? Bruce? Let's get some suggestions in the comments!

Via ThatsMyFace

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