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Shapeways Expands Materials

As they've done many times in the past, the Shapeways 3D printing service has expanded the materials available for builds. This time they've announced some very interesting options for makers:

  • "Grey Robust" is a rigid material similar to their previous "Cream Robust". But let's face it: "Cream" just doesn't sound very robust, does it? Accordingly, they've rebranded their rigid material in a very iron and steel-colored grey shade. We think this is a great move.
  • "Black, Strong & Flexible" accompanies their current "White, Strong and Flexible" material. We think many more applications will be possible, simply because of the new color.
  • "Antique Bronze" is a new metal material that can be used on selected models from Shapeways. We're hoping this material is available for general use in the future, because one can imagine a variety of interesting applications.

Why are we so interested in a few new colors? Simply because people resonate with colors. When people see objects they immediately register some feelings based on their initial impression. Consider a comparison between identical objects, one made from Antique Bronze and the other from primitive semi-transparent cream, as typically emerged from earlier 3D printers? What would the general public think? Yes, we think so too. More materials definitely equals better.

If you want to tell Shapeways what materials to provide in the future, you might want to join this discussion.

Via Shapeways


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