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Architectural Concepts via 3D

Readers may notice our occasional rant on how 3D tech is often used to produce common objects, simple things that are merely more conveniently produced than traditional approaches. But that's not what gets our gears turning. We look for entirely new concepts, things that would not have existed if not for the exploitation of contemporary 3D capabilities.

Once such example is found at the Shinya OKUDA Studio, who recently posted a series of 3D architectural explorations.

As you peruse their fascinating explorations, you begin to get a feeling of freedom. Freedom from the normal constraints of design elements and an ability to make anything you can imagine. And then, they print it.

Conclusion: 3D modeling and printing can amplify imaginations and things develop that would otherwise never happen.

In their study we particularly liked the idea of a "Directional Translucency" sign that would reveal the message only when the viewer is at a specific position.

Sure, it's not a life-size building. But it could be.

Via Digital Fabrication in Architecture

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