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Can 3D Printing Help the Next Boom?

In a provocative article from, Frank Bentayou proposes that "Smart manufacturers are gearing up for a turnaround in the economy", and this got us thinking. There are signs that the economic collapse of last fall has or is about to bottom out, and indeed a few signs that economic activity may be beginning to rise again.

What does this mean for manufacturers? At the least they should ponder methods of capitalizing on the coming waves of orders. Many companies have been cutting costs by laying off staff, cutting equipment and supply orders, etc, but none of that will place a company in a good position for rapid take-up of new orders.

One approach that should be considered is to leverage 3D printing technology. As long-time Fabbaloo readers will recall, in-house or service bureau-based 3D printing can have dramatic effects on both the speed of delivery and cost of development for new products. Now that's just the type of approach needed for manufacturers to get ready for new orders.

In fact, it might be a good time to order a 3D printer for your company right now before prices rise due to sudden increase in demand.


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