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envisiontec's latest 3D printer is the Aureus, announced in March of this year. The desktop 3D printer (although we're never certain whether "desktop 3d printers" could actually sit on a desk, this one included since we don't know the device's weight) offers some interesting features:

  • A built-in PC permits offloading some processing to the device, freeing up your main PC
  • Special software permits remote monitoring and control
  • Between 3-7 mm per hour build time
  • 35 μm vertical thickness resolution
  • Relatively small build chamber of 60 x 45 x 100 mm
  • Several features to ensure reliability
  • "Post-processing is clean and simple due to near 100 % photo cure 
  • during the building process"
  • And of course, low cost

Via envisonTEC and JCKOnline

MakerBot at Google TechTalk

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